Welcome to website of The Bernard Shaw Society and its
journal The Independent Shavian. The journal, which covers
the Shavian macrocosm, appears three times a year and is
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If you have a Shaw event that you would like listed, please e-mail, Patrick Berry at [email protected]
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LATEST NEWS: An extensive exhibit at Boston College, an engaging new meeting at the Irish Historical Society, and a Shaw Symposium are just a few of the upcoming Shaw activities. Click on EVENTS to the left to find out more.

Richard Cordell, Edwin Burr Pettet, Richard Nickson, Presidents Emeriti
Rhoda Nathan, President
Daniel Leary, First Vice President
Sally Peters, Second Vice President; Douglas Laurie, Secretary; John P. Koontz, Treasurer

Jacques Barzun, Eric Bentley, Montgomery Davis, Richard Dietrich, Howard Kissel,
Maureen Murphy, Richard Nickson, Margot Peters, Jay. R.Tunney, Robert Neff Williams