Everybody I do it when I study people’s books only understands, she laughs. Well put Ms Gabaldon!

caitriona balfe eye color I to believe people must have a right to their own opinion, however I’m getting quite sick and tired of hearing identical bloody complaints since Sam was cast.

Seriously anyone who has ever dyed their hair understands that you could achieve any hue you wish if you’ve got a big hair stylist. I’d say in case they’re not missing and moaning about hair color hereafter they’re missing and moaning about his body type. Anyways, I was unaware there were a great deal of body experts out there, who saw!!! Nothing individual about Sam, I’m sure he’ll make a perfect Jamie, as we finally warm up to him.

Do you see a choice to a following question. It’s that we’re overtly protective of our Jamie and as such, it seems nobody will ever be perfect enough to play Jamie, you ken?

caitriona balfe eye color It was a breath of fresh air to study the post this morning.

I am asking how long you could get all the negative comments without responding to them. Ultimately, I get virtually angry when they explore you must have written story this way or that way. It eventually, a magnificent, the story or has been one at that. I can not imagine not having your books to explore. In reality, I am like quite a few your fans that say they can’t get into another author’s work after explore yours. Keep reading! I am on my 8th series reread. Seriously.

Actually, By the way I am listening on audio and understanding along in the book at really similar time this go round.

I am amazed at detail that they missed on different rereads.

caitriona balfe eye color They don’t necessarily ought to study it, Therefore in case someone does not like something in the books.

Similar with TV series, they don’t actually need to watch it.a big actor example happened to be the character has been Derek Jacobi’s role as Brother Cadfael in similar BBC series name. Although, books author described Brother Cadfael as swarthy with grim hair… which Derek Jacobi undoubtedly isn’t. For instance, the moment that Sir Jacobi steps in camera front, he IS Brother Cadfael. It is author, Edith Pargeter said she even changed her own mind about it once she’d seen Jacobi play the part. Then once again, good power acting is as strong as newest eyeglasses where seeing a character come to health has always been concerned. Gabaldon doesn’t seem to mind the short differences.

Lovely to have you, Sophie! You’ll be good. Gabaldon has supported the TV show’s little improvements in bringing her books to the little screen. She understands that particular modifications have to be made to produce a decent TV adaptation. Episode 11 that she wrote had a few differences from her novel, Dragonfly in Amber. What you’re intending to see ain’t just the Way It Is In the Book, nor is probably almost any word really way I wrote it, she wrote onFacebook merely before the episode aired. As a result, I think So it’s quite good. I’m sure you heard about this. Brianna will make her first appearance with Roger adult version in Outlander Season 2, episode finale will show them with Claire in Get more spoilers on their appearance here. I have oftentimes been a vast reader and can’t even start to imagine simply exactly how many books I have study during my lifetime time.

caitriona balfe eye color Your own Outlander series was always one of a few, I’d say if not the quite better I have had the pleasure to study.

From explore quite first chapter of Outlander, I was transported to another time and place, and that continued with every amongst the books.

I am so hoping that To be honest I will admit that I’m a little scared for the TV series… I seek for it to be successful so badly but I’m having a ugh time imagining how our books will play out on screen. Virtually hoping it gets pulled off and has probably been awesome. Of all thank you for taking the time to give us the impression of Sam. In reality, after understanding what you wrote we for one can’t wait to see the real thing. Diana you nailed ‘itproducers’ cannnot be expected to extract our private visiom of who these characters have been -first of all I dare say any of us has our OWN individual vision to start with, and ‘secondan’ actor’s job has been to make you lose all about your favorite vision and feel that just this person should be Jamie or Claire or whoever if they do it ‘rightthis’ proven to be your own modern vision of these characters.

caitriona balfe eye color I trust the vision Diana, it’s not let me down yet.

I would ask though has been there ANY hope of seeing a pretty short clip of Jamie in action to might be on board. For sure I pictured Jamie I my own mind, while explore books. MOSTLY they wanted to hear him speak. Sam has the perfect accent. On p of this, if he proven to be Jamie for you, I’m sure he will for all of us. After all. Generally, all the rest. Besides, I can’t wait to see series. In fact, I am subscribing to Starz just for it. Often, To be honest I can’t waitlook for them to be really similar thing that Diana described when we watched a Hallmark movie that Sam had made. Notice, seems By the way I thought lovely. As I watch the webpages and photos as they for ages I am watching Sam turned out to be Jamie. I am watching photos and internet sites get these wonderful books alive. I am tally thrilled with it all and feel privileged that we was made may be kept to themselves and not try to foist them on everyone else, like you say. Way to go, Diana! I have shaken my head at people who think Sam/Jamie should have hair like Bozo or Ronald McDonald. Yes, that’s right! Certainly they haven’t taken quite a few note descriptions in books, Where they ever even got that idea, I not sure. In addition, the production looks like it’s will be fantastic… and I’m almost sure I can’t waitthe whole thing is my worry that there’ll be a delay in getting access to it here in Australia. I’m rather the cyber goody 2 shoes but if anything has been ever to prompt nefarious downloading, a delay in seeing Outlander will. Albeit I insisted we did not need help, I consider myself thinking the most ridiculous things -A bagboy assisted me in loading groceries past week, and when I drove off, Actually I thought to myself Aye, he was a braw laddie… and caught myself! LOL! On p of that, lOL Lori, My parents were from Edinburgh and I’ve listened to the accent since we was born and say peculiar words way my parent did. Husband and kids simply look at me funny, During/after explore they have to watch myself narrowly for a while being that they will revert back. That said, the fact that you was okay with the casting since day one has usually made me feel confident in series.

While taking favourite bits or minds from celebrity putting, substantially others, crushes or fantasies them gether to make this completely ‘NONEXISTENT’ human being, I think people are usually forgetting that when you’re explore a book, characters have always been actually these people who we create with our own pieces.

caitriona balfe eye color Now that these books were usually should be on screen, you have to look for p fit with what you got.

No human being is planning to have almost any single detail to a for ages being that that person doesn’t exist. By the way I say IF, you and IF practically do figure out an actor with a good deal similar with the character real physical trait wise, that not necessarily means he/she could possess the character soul and really BECOME that character. Propel Cloud Riderquadrocopter drone with builtin HD camera. Reg. Thank you for all you do. Now look. I could picture our eyes sparking as I explore this.

It’s may be good enough for everyone! Personally Mr H was probably my perfect Jamie -first time I saw a pic -it was Jamie’s eyes they saw! Ensure you drop suggestions about it. Can’t wait to see series. So it is brilliant Diana!

caitriona balfe eye color You had me cracking up.

I’m so glad you’ve eventually let that cork pop a wee bit and speak your own mind.

It’s got to get really taxing to read/hear all talk about how my Jamie SHOULD look! Remember, you go girl! Ultimately, cuddos to you, My Lady! Having some background in Drama and instructing youthful people in art, I’m almost sure I must solidary with all you have said. I have watched all of Sam’s work that they may look for and in my point of view he has been amazing! Merely think for a moment. We don’t cast actors strictly by looks, stature and significant height aside. Hair color and eye color was probably in no circumstances an issue…it is normally based mostly on talent. Sam probably was VERRA talanted and has a big career ahead of him.

I haven’t seen what you have, yet they do not doubt one it word.

Thank you for giving us Jammie and Claire.

They have given me hours and hours of pleasure. Gotta say…. Normally, I have liked Jamie for years. Yes we invision him seven foot tall and hair a deeper murky red than what they have seen Sam as. So that’s MY jamie. Now please pay attention. I won’t enable you to get that away. Do I reckon Sam was usually Jamie you bet. I’m sure it sounds familiar. DG you wrote book and they shouldn’t say you do not understand jamie when you see him. You should get this seriously. I for one usually can not wait. Basically, on pins and needles. I am so excited. Thank YOU Diana for opening my eyes to understanding., beyond doubt, I devoured you books and it’s some one who got terriblye bored at explore stop signs let alone prescribed understanding. For example, I thank you for you art and giving us an amazing study. Yes, that’s right! I can not wait!!!

We all form an image in our minds of what a book character looks like, I endorse you. In my mind it’s a 1940′s wavy, neat style, I understand your books describes Claire’s hair as extremely wild and bushy. We will all possibly love acting and on, the series and also screen chemistry will have a big deal to do with us ‘seeing’ Jamie and Claire. Ofcourse Diana’s always was opinion that Claire, matters and for awhile to her! Now please pay attention. Nothing we say here will overlook casting. One will think that when character’s creator has probably been enthusiastic about an actor choice, after that, those doing casting have probably gotten it right. Some. Probably it’s just that lots of guys and gals have, for decades now and been in love with their own imagined version of Jamie that they can’t let it go.

I have a strong feeling that they’ll overlook their minds the instant they see Sam as Jamie onscreen.

Fact that Sam beyond doubt is an eventually decent fellow and so good at humoring his modern legions of fans simply adds to his mystique.

I feel that he is mostly about to be a HUGE star, and hope we get to relish quite a few TV seasons of him as Jamie. Consequently, Heuligans in no circumstances doubted for a second… gag me with a spoon is probably really what they said! Sounds familiar? More significant I am waiting for you book to come out, I’m quite sure I am really excited about series and can’t wait to see it decisively on. Nevertheless, I started study them plenty of years ago when you first published the first book and study any one when they first came out. Since the last books been released about any three years they have reread the series a great deal of times. A well-famous fact that is always. I was extremely disappointed when you postponed our own date modern book. Then once again, since I am 67 years old enough they for a while enough to get to this end series.

Starz head man Chris Albrecht confirmed a few months ago that Outlander will debut Q3″.

Given how premium channel tent pole series have probably been scheduled, we may use a tad of deductive reasoning.

Blackish Sails later this month, followed by DaVinci’s Demons’ second season, accompanied by Power, in late spring, followed by Outlander. Assuming l0 episodes for Power, that apparently is a contemporary crime drama, I’m thinking Outlander will debut July That will give Diana all of June and half of July to promote MOBY and be almost ready to promote Outlander pretty intensively the week or 2 before premiere date. Consequently, if connection spiderwebs through space and time be open to bore, look, there’re lots of different writers out there who write with less detail and continuity. Whenever setting and, as we labor to complete my first novel, Outlander series has taught me mostly about research, characterization.

I hope tale lots of strands continue even after Jamie and Claire finally depart.

Keep our dollar.

Any of them. You’ve earned them! I understand you and our own dollar bets. Oftentimes they don’t deserve them. Those who nay say and who can’t imagine Sam as Jamie for this or that reason may go blow something…. You are a wonderful writer and woman and must have Job patience or are you biting down on the leather strap MacRannoch gave Jamie? Any way thank you for YOUR patience and our poignant and calm opinions so we will share it. Of course I am sorry that you are getting a lot flack about Jamie Fraser. You responded eloquently to problems at hand. I am looking forward to viewing Outlander when it airs. Stick to your own guns. Yep, fans are snarky. Undoubtedly it’s the love books that get those fans hunting you down on facebook and sites like these. Emotions have probably been big and worthy of beloved characters, expectations is likely to be struggling with Sam as Jamie.

I believe I had much identical reaction as you.

I’ve been in love with Mr.

Jamie Fraser since I as 17 years old….lets say I study the first book quickly as it was published! I think Sam will make a wonderful Jamie and as you said Actors to Magic, our own mention of jack Reacher is spot on! Nevertheless, we must trust in you and the production team and Sams abilities as a Actor. Consequently, it gonna be amazing I’m sure! Simply think for a moment. That’s why I am so glad that we get the perspective. What you wrote gave me shivers. Let me tell you something. My belief was always that YOU created characters so if Sam and others ARE characters to you, therefore that was always perfect. That’s interesting right? Each time I study how much you support Sam in this role my excitement grows!

It sounds good!

I am grateful that you as the author are involved in film creation.

I am convinced that JK Rowling’s involvement made the Harry Potter movies classics to equal her writing, though the cinematic ‘botch up’ of the first Twilight movie makes one wonder if creative decision makers ever explore the book or understood the story. They completely botched pivotal scene that was supposed to be in meadow. As a result, casting as a result, and his interpretation of Dr Baltar has been nothing less than brilliant. For example, whenever streaming or at Netflix, s attainable in no infomercials. Therefore this will as well give you something by Mr Moore to watch while you’re waiting for Outlander to begin. I am so freaking excited for this. Now look. I’d LOVE to be a part of it in some shape, form, way and also but merely on planet earth while sitting on my sofa will have to suffice. As a result, I must be if, though and FURIOUS they had gotten a name…because we see of NO ‘A List’ actor who my be an ideal Jamie.

None whatsoever.

Ha -blonde landscaper.

MY Jamie -sadly -probably was more like Billy Connolly. He was first Scottish male that came to mind when I started understanding! Bad Brianna is the cartoon character in Brave. Was so gentle to us fans and we hope we pass that forward to newcomers to the Outlander world on the internet. I’m sure you heard about this. People could be uncivil -but oftentimes people could have a tally exclusive be unoboservant, well, bad and even opinion. We may be quite nice to them only complain, they didn’t write book so how would they see what characters look like.

You have been a pretty talented author and mostly you see more about people you have written.

Good for you!!!

I ultimately consider that actors/actresses in series are always a number of perfection that will surprise us all with their talent as you did with the series. BRAVO to you beautiful lady. Bootsfor women and juniors. Select styles. Orig. I have personally respected Sam thought as Jamie. I often hated ideas other threw around about Gerard or Chris Hemsworth. They aren’t Jamie Material. That is interesting right? I’ve seen work that Sam did before I heard about his casting. Notice that I think he’s perfect for role! Jamie needs to be someone that probably was but, attractive or yes as well relatable. He has been an everyday lad, that grows to turned out to be someone that is probably a respected and powerful leader. I think it should be wonderful to watch as Sam creates Jamie for us. Thank you for confirming that spanking scene is will be shown. Haha. Besides, I was investigating about that. I was absolutely surprised to hear there was any kerfuffle going on about casting Sam.

Know what, I don’t say that usually so I usually can use word kerfuffle in a sentence, that has probably been truly not mostly enough.

From my position anyhow, By the way I feel that somehow casting people did as a matter of fact manage to telepathically extract an image of Jamie from my brain.

I am a good camper. Virtually, I was a little unsure until they saw Sam in a kilt with the light red hair! You should make this seriously. Extremely swoon worthy!!! I like fact that he isn’t so this will be a fantastic series, no doubt about it. I was following everything about Twitter, PR releases, Facebook, everything, it and web pages I study shows good professionalism and care, as our books deserve. I’m quite good for you -and for me as a fan top-notch success!

Thank you!

I suppose guys and gals usually can imagine Jamie as a twoheaded, bald troll if that’s their private preference.

To continue to insist that Jamie has real physical characteristics that he does NOT makes me wonder if people practically explore the books. As well, having been an actor off and on for a great deal of years they understand what you have been saying. Hair, costuming and makeup will make someone look the part but if they do not have chops to BE person they were probably portraying you was posted re. Of course, sam as Jamie, all I’ve look for to say to them is… Wait until you watch the show!!

We will have undoubtedly picked the incorrect person, I’d say in case any of us had to pick the perfect person for any role in any of our favorite shows/movies. For a while being that we should have gone for look -but the casting directors pick that package.

Just trust them! When I heard your own comment re. I’ve ld more people than I usually can count, he was your own Jamie first, and if you say he’s Jamie, therefore that going to be it. Notice, I am so grateful for your own involvement with TV series which has probably been essential to its success. I don’t think you must have to apologize for any delay in finishing MOBY., beyond doubt, I should wait forever for the next book. As I’ve said to my daughter I am waiting for the series, well said Diana, By the way I had doubts myself for quite a while.

I did Watch a video of an interview with Ron and yourself where there was a few minutes of Sam and Catraina saying hello.

I have to admit they got a electricity little you’re speaking of.

I can’t wait until it starts. Actually the book was usually planning to come practically at really similar time. Well, you wouldn’t love us if we didn’t care. I have decided that if he has probably been good for you, he going to be good for me. We always have a viewing party in the makings … hubbies kicked out once a week for girls night. Now please pay attention. Shall be so fun. Seriously. Thanks for taking this bull by horns. However, it’s been a bit disconcerting seeing people say things just like he doesn’t have gloomy red hair… or we thought so and so was older. On p of this, I was beginning to wonder if there was a need to pull out dictionary and provide the definition of ‘actor’. I love with the cast so far! That’s could be an awesome show!

Diana, Thank you for our own insight.

You made Jamie, you see what was in our head when you wrote about him, You confirmed what I’ve been saying since day one.

We love your books so we must trust our judgement on who plays Jamie and Claire and all the primary characters. It doesn’t matter one bit what we all think or say one way or another. We always were ultimately our own fans. I explore the Outlander book series and LOVED them. Finally, now I am thrilled to be watching TV series. Sam Heughan looks EXACTLY the way they pictured Jamie Fraser mostly BETTER! He is perfect choice for the character. He probably was amazingly beautiful to look his voice, accent and at were usually captivating, and he brings to existence Jamie character very well. All things Jamie is in books, In Outlander TV Sam is strong, loyal, protective, honorable, series, more, sexy and sweet. For example, his eyes!!!! OMG! So, I am watching for ages being that, Know what guys, I like all the additional characters. However, I solely wish he was in any scene!!! Although, I am sorry you have to coment on this…but we in no circumstances tire of hearing about Jamie and looking at Sam!

Sam is who I see as Jamie, as we reread in preparation for Book 8. It was an amazingly wonderful experience to reread with casting additions coming through and seeing how my mind adapts. It sounds like you have your hand on this pulse grandchild of yours, as book itself is usually your own baby. Anyone who wants to criticize should just turn away. I’m sure you heard about this. It IS your own child, and I admire your integrity for speaking up. I hope we never again need to study any response like that once more. You should make it into account. All the best for all success to you and pure enjoyment of the storytelling gifts by the majority of us. Thank you for our lovely comments about Sam Heughan. Personally, I trust powers that be, to do what they do -to assign parts to people that usually can act the parts!

No complaints here!

It’s absolutely very much fun having wonderful characters come to health on the screen.

I do look for to make this opportunity to thank you for being so affordable and open to our adoring fans, By the way I don’t EVER comment online. We do appreciate it! I in addition wait with bated breath for Book #8! My thoughts on casting are a man cast him that had in no circumstances explore the book Jamie stands out. People notice him. Men and women fall in love with with him. However, where are usually those eyes? I’m thinking more like Chris Helmesworth with redish hair. Accordingly the bad Jamie will ruin it. I am so savoring the books which we started understanding after Starz studying show. Consequently, I begged my husband to order Starz after seeing the first episode on line. You see, I have happen to be completely taken in to story.

I am on Drums of Autumn and can’t put it down. I am so bummed at waiting thought until April for the 2nd season. Sam Heughan is Jamie to me from start. I didn’t start off understanding book until after catching the quite first episode on Starz. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Jamie, or Claire for that matter. You see, choices All the powers that be made so far probably were perfect to me. Then, you have been so right! However, I merely don’t get a lot of fans and their craziness. I have not been that invested in a movie version though. Nonetheless, understanding was usually like watching a movie to me. I’m sure you heard about this. I laughed so rough at the fans screaming to see Brianna who isn’t in Outlander anyway! I usually can see Sam as Jamie -he tally works for me. Known once again Thank you Diana for plenty of hours of enjoyment with your own books. Remember, just this weekend I completed and went right on to Voyager…It was probably a rare weekend that I spend a lot time study but my oh my was it relaxing!

Oh, that was awesome!

I’m someone who may see that Sam gonna be perfect as Jamie and I am thrilled to bits with casting!

I have to admit that the naysayers was getting me down a bit lately. Thanks very much for posting this, Diana! I think they have probably been all afraid that they won’t see their Jamie on screen. Needless to say, none of us have been preparing to get real thing, since Jamie is essentially you. It is we will have to trust that you see Jamie feel better than any of our readers. He may be Jamie, So if you say Sam is usually Jamie therefore. I must say, when it came to light that books should practically be filmed and with Herself’s input, I was at ease.

I wouldn’t tell an, a winemaker or a chemist architect what to put, add, do or subtract.

I’m sure not preparing to tell an artist how to create.

I will feel good about nearly any series second. Merely as they present it. I have explore the Space betwixt and LOVED it. Normally, I can’t wait to study more! Fact, even if there must be a good deal of pressure to complete for any longer whenever manageable, By the way I admire you for pushing out the next date book so that you may be fully satisfied with it in advance of releasing it, When it’s pretty well and almost ready that has always been. Usually, ps and sweatersfor women. Select styles. Orig. Filming a couple of weeks ago in Falkland, unfortunately was not there on the day, that should have been spooky. My buddie was and we could not believe it was for Outlander. Basically, I usually can not thank you enough for taking the time to be engaged with fans, as for you Diana Gabaldon. Personally they LOVED Sam, minute we saw him, heard his audio reel, and his video reel. He requires your own breath away in everything he does.

Please please give him a tremendous hug from fans when you meet him.

Patience and faith always were required.

That’s a fact, it’s art afterall and what you see in coming gether was usually extremely exclusive from final product, Patience to wait to choose what you think until you’ve seen completed product. Faith. To turst in the visions and creative talents people to do what they do and to do it well. On p of that, oh and trust -that is, but start miniseries always have probably been extremely good, By the way I trust Diana. To see her character better and more fully than YMMV. Needless to say, I can’t imagine wasting my time arguing about this stuff, or worrying about it either. I like to believe,, that they will hold very true and the actors will do their better to portray the characters the way that will get them from story pages into a three dimensional being. Thank you for the blog.

I’ve thoroughly savor the series and we must admit they had someone like Kevin McKidd in mind as Jamie as I study our own novels but look forward to seeing the show with Sam Heughan.

As you say an ideal actor will get you in to story so I’m virtually looking forward to it.

Hopefully it’s showing in Canada!! Off, it must be hideous to have a Jamie that looked perfect but couldn’t act. Notice that second, whenever people initiate watching a program, actors proven to be the characters …. I’m sure you heard about this. While waiting to see what Sam will do, m biding my time.

Thanks for writing this Diana.

For a good while now we have felt fairly uncomfortable at the obsessive fan behaviour.

I know that the seriousness to which I feel deeply attached to Outlander series and am virtually looking forward to watching newest series. So, I’ve had to stop explore most of the fan pages. That’s interesting right? Although everything else was pretty clear, I could in no circumstances picture characters’ faces. Sam and Caitriona are perfect. On p of that, if you ask me, from the actors to writers to producers. This series has some seriously good karma.

Our own 3 choice lead characters is fantastic.

Sam Heughan is magnificient -his body has been perfect for but more importantly, the part or his acting is wonderful.

He goes from a quite innocent 22 year pretty old who is shy and quite gracious to this powerful laird to be with merely a flick of his looks. Finally, his humor and little smile on his face are usually wonderful….he is so passionate and gentle and loving and…oh we could go on forever. I’m 71 and have watched wedding eight times and the all the series three times….I’m right after book 4. Although, this Sam guy and Claire gal must get the Emmy for best actor/actress.

Oh, I do love the humor.

You under no circumstances struggle to make me laugh!!!

While seeing Jamie or Claire interacting, I am looking forward to the STARZ series. It’s real that we all see someone exclusive in our minds eye when understanding of these characters. Jamie will now and forever oftentimes be SAM and Nobody else but Sam. Nonetheless, that being said, I pictured MY own, hero and private Jamie looking like Chris Hemsworth! HA! Known I do NOT see him as JAMMF. Furthermore, I like to look at and fantasize about Chris. That’s where it starts getting entertaining, I may. Properly put, when once again. Needless to say, I wish people will simply move past their preconceptions of what they think what must be, and accept what’s. It’s a well-known fact that the cast was probably beautifully put gether and most importantly, I’m sure, done for their acting ability, that usually was key ingredient to making the show a success in evening. For instance, it’s this exciting time for the Outlander universe, we get a series and modern book. One way or another, please see there’re plenty guys and gals out there who appreciate the rough work going into one and the other. You should get this seriously. Thank You.

THATS telling ‘em!

I think it will all be fine….we have good actors.

I likewise absolutely accept about Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher…I couldn’t get myself to go see that or rent it. Thank you once more. Diana. From my bottom heart. Beyond real physical details, he and Mr. Heughan look extremely well Muscled indeed)….Sam Heughan may act. Of course he tally nailed it. Fact, thank you for remaining patient and gracious throughout this adventure. Whenever consulting or while traveling on the Outlander series, making an attempt to have a health with your own family -and -field all the questions and craziness that swirl around you, how trying it must be to be putting the finishing uches on book number 9. I now see that look, there’s a lot more than a just uch of Yourself in Himself indeed. You should make it into account. You, madam have of course made Himself in our image, jamie Fraser can be all king men. Bravo, Diana Gabaldon or please make a bow!! You see, therefore once again people aren’t lucky unless they’re miserable, in a way I look for it rough to think that anyone is complaining about this.

After lots of years of wishing and hoping, I for one am grateful that this series has been made. Sam looks fantastic to me. I will NEVER dare to call for Chris Hemsworth!! Sam’s my absolute favorite. That said, lov’ him as Jamie and can’t wait to see the show! Excited greetings! You have been so right Diana, Sam Hueghan was probably Jamie Fraser! I am so glad Thor ain’t playing Jamie. I like that actor playing the part is probably more unknown or well, unfamous and was until this role came up….I am so lucky that Diana and rest chose who they did. Basically, yay Sam! I LOVE SAM! I’m almost sure I personally can not wait for my ovaries to be stopped in their tracks! Now regarding aforementioned fact… How do we love thee, let me count the ways….we love hair color, the kindness, humor, the height and even muscles he shows his fans and generally from what I’ve seen, chiseled face or everything that goes gether with it.


I have not one doubt iota about that.

I’m so glad that he was chosen -and Cait has usually been perfect as Claire I believe we have a girl crush on you. As a result, I hang off EVERY written word and I believe everything you say. I’ve underin no circumstances had any doubt in any choice you’ve made, when you killed off a fav character. That is interesting right? a while back, finally vitriol wards another we, including death threats and in addition author posted somewhere that they was worried about how you should deal when ‘fans’ decided you had personally assaulted them by our choices in your own characters. Now let me tell you something. Lots of people rushed to reassure me that you will have no difficulties putting them in their places.

I see they have been right. You rock! I’m quite sure I personally haven’t seen a Jamie in any TV show, I’m pretty sure I did run across a Roger a year, 1 and Mac ago while watching movie. I kept looking at the male actor and bingo! It is I said to m’self, There’s Roger! It was Jake Gyllenhaal. On p of this, take a glance at his photo. Seriously. Portland you mentioning something about you didn’t seek for to give up the rights to your own books to some director/producer who should have. Is that still case? Plenty of movies are usually not as good as the book from whence they came. I surely hope this one will. Normally, for any longer as these fictional people have been amazing.

It should be so straightforward to ummm. Very much care was taken with the casting, it gives me a good feeling about what dramatization is, for me and top-notch all the book series, much should be down to characterisation. Thanks for this, Diana! At first I wasn’t now, sure and I can not imagine anyone else as Jamie, like you. I think Sam gonna be wonderful and like everyone else, I am planning my viewing party always! In any event, thank you for taking time to write this. I’m appalled at how special people have expressed their thoughts on casting. A well-reputed fact that is. I wish more would have more of an open mind, and wait to save their judgment for when they see the show.

I have will be eating their words real swift like.

AMAZING is always the first word they thought when we explore our commentary!!

So in case you say that Sam has been Jamie that’s enough for me! You created that amazing story about 2 existence person and consequence that come with choices they made through health and their love. I’m understanding this book since I was 15 yrs old enough and this book was usually my search for book for everything! If you said that they cast right Jamie and Claire all going to be perfect for ages being that you wrote an amazingly awesome love story than now will be an awesome TV show and there’s nothing more to add!!!

Cool weather’ blankets, throws and bedding. Select styles. Because of these books my sanity is for awhile being that Jamie and Claire gave me a safe place to go and for any longer because of you. For example, because of these books I’ve discovered a clan, a whole and a family fandom to relate with and for awhile because of you. I thought they was alone until about a year ago and now I have thousands of brothers and sisters who get it. Thank you a lot for everything Diana, including this explanation. I think a lot of people get this could’ve been a rich woman, aye? Although, thank you for remaining patient and gracious throughout this adventure.

Whenever consulting and nine on Outlander series, doing best in order to have an essence with your family -and -field all the questions and craziness that swirl around you, how trying it must be to be putting finishing uches on book number while traveling.

I now see that mostly there’s far more than a just uch of Yourself in Himself indeed.

You, madam have obviously made Himself in the image, jamie Fraser can be all king men. Bravo or Diana Gabaldon make a bow! However, I understand Beth and April above! Amen. You. Always were. Then once more. Author. You see. Our word that it felt right should’ve been enough! It’s for me! You see, thanks much for sharing very much of yourself with your fans -I undoubtedly appreciate it! With all that said… Respected the blog., I am loving Sam and as weeks go by and as they see and hear more about him to me, he has always been Jamie. Can’t wait for series. I have study a lot of fantasy novels but none has moved me as much as yours have.

All various different selections I’ve seen so far are excellent!

Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh?

Okay, that apparently work. Graham McTavish as Dougal -yup, I’m in. Yum! Remember, diana, you are always better. Essentially, thank you. That fact that you get time out of your own crazy busy schedule to respond to casting insanity was probably amazing. Most crucial to me is usually that this series is ACTUALLY being got to the screen, and we look for it to stay there for lots of years. Definitely, our own vision of Jamie has been the man we all have broken in love with, and if you say Sam was always JAMMF, By the way I CANNA WAIT to see it myself! Good thoughts for Final Frenzykeep doing what you’re doing!!

Me, I’ve got a lot work to do, and should look like in real lifespan! What she says about light red hair is improve will think about having some sort of promotion where fans could register to WIN A TRIP TO THE FILMING or THE PREMIER, right?

That must be awesome!

I actually wonder if these fabulous cast members realize fully what they’ve gotten themselves into?

I actually started crying, when they heard bagpipes in clip. Oh, dear….here we go once more. With that said, this series was usually will be amazing and when it airs all naysayers will feel silly and jump on bandwagon! Anyways, everything will come alive and Diana’s amazing dialogue for Jamie and Claire will make us fall in love. How anyone usually can be against actors until they have seen them act is beyond me. I see it should be incredible! Sorry to hear you won’t have things set for Portland event in April. Let me tell you something. I’m understanding plenty of replies regarding Sam Heughan. It’s whho’s in our Jamie that counts, we all have our own ideas of what someone looks like in our heads and we have to say, Sam is not the Jamie in m’head. Normally, it’s gotta be mighty deep, Seriously, By the way I don’t understand from what deep well you’ve pulled the patience from. Diana, how or Oh we have awaited our own response to whining! So that’s a perfect reply.

So in case an actor has always been worth his salt, I have posted over and over, what he looks like won’t matter one whit!

I’m tired of hearing about Caitriona’s eye color, her lack of an arse, Sam’s hair color, and suchlike the response is usually perfect, perfect or perfect!

Thank you, in most cases. Could be so amazing. Thank you Diana for giving us all this wonderful story to savor. With all that said… Thank you to Ron Moore and Starz for virtually taking time to search for perfect actors to get it to existence. Notice that I fully trust all of you!! It’s abecause he’s special for everyone, noone could be the Jamie we’ve pictured in the books.

i, or even that being said’m relieved Sam is relatively for awhile being that I don’t need an actor with former characters getting in way.

I love what you’ve written about this, you said it quite well. I trust our judgement and I’m looking forward to a girls night Outlander viewing party when it airs! Fact, I’m so excited to see all big pictures from set and to hear the approval of all they have shared with you. Thank you a lot for all you write and share with all of us!

They are simply reacting to pics, in my opinion guys who have been still up in arms about this aren’t study justifications.

Fashion boots for women.

Select styles. Orig. All they may say has always been AWESOME. When we study what you write they feel it like electricity in my veins. Anyways, I trust our own descriptions, and we feel with that same electricity, that Sam has usually been Jamie. Online. Thanks for sharing your own opinions and our explanations. You are all creator these wonderful characters including Jamie’s. Bringing our own words to short screen is for a while awaited and I can’t waitmay be right with world. Thank you Diana! Diana, you always were a pretty patient and kind lady., without any doubts, over past few months since Sam was announced we have explore our own consistent comments reflecting Casting Commentary. Oftentimes in the first place we was one of those who balked as all they had seen was some Glossy pics and brief video of Sam.

I a special amount it off to unflattering hairstyles.

We could tell he could act, even when the video was brief.

I was one who felt that Chris. That said. Not that it matters but he has a wonderful voice and did really well with the English accent, and eyes have been spot on, deep dim blue gleaming cat eyes. He has that ability to be assured but funny. As we said though doesn’t matter. As soon as you said Sam morphed into Jamie before our own eyes I was big. You were transparent about your own initial misgivings. Can’t do you know how you felt understanding Jamie was your character. I’ve since watched some amount of Sam’s movies and think he has been fairly capable. When they watched clip from NYCC we nearly drooled over him. He was lovely. I LOVED the part where he was practicing Gaelic with his lovely redish hair. He and Cait were electric together. For sure everyone that is cast looks amazing too.a solitary problem now is always it’s for awhile ago, long time ago prior a lot sooner than we will watch.

Despite when I see what they are always doing and what has to be done to create all this they can’t believe they could be through so shortly.

These days returned from my first trip to Scotland.

We went to Edinburg and Stirling but didn’t get up to Inverness area. I am in love with country and the people. Would go back in a minute. Am fair jealous that you may be going shortly and will get to meet everyone and watch filming. Am thinking you will appear in the film in addition. How exciting. Thanks once more for our own latter comments. Furthermore, I am really fortunate with Sam cast Heughan as Jamie Fraser.

When we learned news I thought ‘ he IS Jamie Fraser.’ Sam could not look more like the Jamie Fraser I had in my mind while understanding books.

I am so so excited!!!

I’ve study series a few times over and have admired almost any single book every single time, I see lots of the fans have possibly done this. As far as actors go, in my opinion people usually whine about actors and books and it’s silly. Therefore as shortly as you see it, the actor’s version and version in our own head kind of meld gether and everything is fine once more, Know what, I admit. Think, not and in addition ok what we imagined. I’ll bet that’s how everybody will feel once they see first few episodes.

I absolutely adore you.

I’m extremely excited for the series.

I think all casting had been wonderful. Production company and you -all of you -have been so gracious and patient with us fans by engaging and keeping us as up to date and involved they way you do. Now please pay attention. What if you abruptly showed up at unhappy workplaces fans and started telling them how to do their job? I think they’d not appreciate it much. That’s where it starts getting pretty entertaining. Thank you! How do you feel about Claire having murky blue eyes? With that said, usually was that essential or no? After fact, from Claire shots Frank that we’ve seen, TV Claire will have light blue eyes. What if we contacts … unless it was not crucial? For instance, was so pleased when you indicated you liked Sam Heughan for Jamie role.

Undoubtedly if he fits in massive part author vision hereafter the fit must be good! Starz will gain a brand new subscriber when series begins next summer. For the last 12 years they have had a mental photo album of Jamie aging like fine wine with any book. It was undoubtedly a tad more rugged, it’s complex for me now to recall how I saw him as a lovely boy. Now pay attention please. I usually can entirely base my opinion on one still picture, and like you first time, I am going huh? Oh Diana, Know what, I hope they do this justice. For a while for this. With that said, don’t even see yet if we could get in UK but I will try. Outlander et all were probably just better books they have explore ever. Besides, you have an one-of-a-kind talent. Fact, I was thrown back in to past good amount of times study them, virtually obsessed. By the way I will say that they going to be disappointed for ages hair. Besides, the first look photo seems to show him with shorter hair. It’s not like you’d have to improve actors or anything extreme, I mean, it’s so plain simple to create any length movie hair with a perfect hair and makeup person.

It’s merely that, from a swooning for any longer hair is whole part package. Why anyone must expect a film company to a) telepathically extract the individual vision of a character and b) try to replicate that onscreen has been amid the Okay Universe Mysteries, and I’m not about to try to solve it here they got a book to among various different things, write or So there’re usually plenty of hours in the day. My love has always been for literary masterpiece that has always been pictured so vividly in my minds eye. Diana, the writing always was truely a joy. Just think for a moment. I am excited to see our own vision translated onto screen. Needless to say, whenever casting and also production, my vote of confidence has been with you and they trust your own heart and put you have had with screenplay.

Every of us, as a reader and always has a characters version and events. Hopefully, everyone will discover something modern to appreciate in its own right when the series begins. Clearly, everyone forms mental images while understanding. Everybody. I do it when they study people’s books, I can’t imagine why anyone having study OUTLANDER should form an image of Jamie as a ‘7foot’ tall Bozo clown on steroids. Notice that diana, you have Buddha patience. Basically, if it didn’t sound COMPLETELY creepy and stalkeresque, I’d write that we may be good chums based solely on our mutual inability to suffer fools gladlyand that we all deal with them by speaking slowly in pretty short sentences that use little words. Consequently, I trust you you created Jane and I dropped in love with his character.

I am an actress and it’s actors job to creat that character using themselfs.

Understand they feel casting has been extremely essential the person has to fit age, body type to be believed but from that point it drops on actor and director.

Jamie as to be in Sam That’s a fact, it’s his job to look for him. That said, from what you have said he has done that. I can’t wait. Furthermore, I know it’s a prosses that actors go through. Notice, I remember seeing Wit on stage it was p stage performance I hav ever seen. Then, actress in no circumstances left stage yet we saw her proven to be sick and slim down right till my eyes it was magic. Like you created majic with our character and stories. I hope some day you now it to Northern California some day. Notice, frankly, To be honest I thought he looked bizarre. Oddly chiseled and what’s with the big forehead and cleft chin, He’s 6’3”, that’s fine…highly chiseled face. Fact, 5 seconds later, Sam Heughan was GONE, and it was Jamie Fraser right there in front of me.

Real. While nothing and costume but cues from an offstage casting director, and…it was him, no no props, no makeup. Did anyone notice horse? He/she ‘s doing a ngue ttthhhppp to people who complain about his/her mate Jamie/Sam. That said, one comment I’d make to those complaining is………….do it better yourselves if you could. For instance, while driving from Phoenix to Santa Fe with my husband, when they ld me who they’d chosen and that they’ve been sending me audition tapes, By the way I was in car. Unable to get to my computer until we got to Santa Fe, Actually I was madly googling Sam Heughan on my iPhone. On p of that, he should have shorter hair, when we first meet Jamie he had just returned from Abby where they cut his hair to treat his head injury.

Sam will make a perfect Jamie. He has been Jamie, I’d say in case Diana says he is Jaimie. I have to admit that after explore the Outlander series, nearly any time we see a tall athletic man, I actually compare him to my version of Jamie. Alas,……, I have 3 they would have considered. I am sure this Sam person will do justice to role. As well, I look forward to seeing Jamie and Claire on the screen. Thank you for being reason voice. You should make it into account. Many of us are aware that there are so the majority of us that have been just so beyond thrilled with Sam as Jamie, all, all the cast and the fabulous production it entails, that we needn’t worry about the ones who aren’t with us.

They could just study the books. We’ll watch the TV series and everyone should be fortunate! Twitter for a while being that you have usually been engaging and entertaining, as far as added traffic we see I’m checking our own like. It’s a well I love rapport between you and the cast. I likewise love the bantering backwards and forwards of Donas, Cait or Sam. Thank you, thank or thank you you. I’m thrilled to see your vision coming to pass. Finally, for me, all it ok was that one Come on, Sassenach in clip shown in NY to convince me Starz has right man in role. It’s a well saving my pennies for my Starz subscription to start! We have to keep in mind that absolutely foremost, first or forever, these for awhile to Diana, and if she casting approves choices, that, my mates and usually was argument for a whiles to every and any reader. Web. This reminds uproar me for casting Rhett Butler in Gone With Wind.

Clark Gable did not look for to do pressure part because of expectation.

I really hope this junior man gets to relish his work, I understand we will, lets and in addition ladies just let everyone do their jobs.

I am looking forward to completed all, surprises and project. That’s more charisma, obscure, personality or curly hair than anything else, Personally, Claire image that has lived in my head for almost 3 decades was usually of my college roommate. Jamie has often been an amalgam of my body Gaelic teacher Jamie, who’s 63 and muscled, with head of the fiddler head Alasdair Fraser. That’s me. Bias Menzies, who we remember well from Rome is perfect for the Randalls. Oftentimes as we sit here understanding excerpts of this to my husband I am laughing and loving our own delivery of a good set down.

I for one, and I understand So there’re hoards more like me, trust your judgment. Can’t wait to see this fantastic production! THANK YOU DIANA!! Love your ferocity and Jamie Frasier…hehehe couldn’t resist! So, I’m so highly excited with the casting choices, I usually can hardly wait until Outlander premiers. Thank you for this glorious gift you’ve given all of us in these form books! Doublecheck if you drop some comments about it below. What a good idea -to have a drawing to win a trip to filming or premiere!!! Perfect!!! Wow!! Now let me tell you something. Reacted same to NYCC video as you. Fact, the plain simple theme kept running through my mind for weeks after. Let me tell you something. Can’t possibly wait. I solidary with Kristen. When you saw someone is usually simply like character YOU created. On p of that, I trust your opinion whole heartedly. You usually can find a lot more information about this stuff here. They may see Jamie in Sam and I’m so stoked for this show to come out, loads of people had their heart set on a famous actor playing Jamie and nothing could please them.

I was explore and loving our books since Outlander was published in 1991, as has my daughter.

My oldest granddaughter was always explore Outlander.

I am a voracious reader and Outlander was always my all time favorite series. Thence, having said that, To be honest I am elated about our own television adaptation book, and have admired Sam as Jamie from start. On p of this, I am a bit bemused to search for they have happen to be a fan girl for the first time during my existence! I am a proud Heughligan, that my husband saw pretty amusing. So, thanks a lot for this post, and hope to see you once again in the future you visit Calgary.