caitriona balfe eye color People near me wanted their autographs so either they’re either famous, or autograph hunters have probably been using really similar have tie = must be vital strategy I am, I don`t understand who either of them have been.

They donno who he has been, fan activity near me was fairly lofty for this guy.

He’s not from Game of Thrones or Sherlock, and he hasn’t been to any premieres that I may recall. I was to To be honest I get excited, faces procession I don’t recognise continues. It is photographically speaking, I’m quite sure I mean. Sam must have spent ridiculous hours at gym to sculpt his naturaly lean body to be that of a Highland ‘warriorbut’ he definitely succeeded.

caitriona balfe eye color Blonde hair disappeared into brownish obscure red coloring we have come to associate with Jamie.

Sam’s face, that will look like a teenager’s when cleanly shaven, ok on grit when he let his beard stubble show. Consequently, for most part Sam has succeeded admirably in looking like book Jamie. Cait has been a bit exclusive.

I love Cait, By the way I actually do.

caitriona balfe eye color I under no circumstances see her when they explore the books now.

My book Claire is a lot more like that fan portrait on the p left in this post, she completely owns the part in show. Known in face, body and stature. Besides, the eyes don’t bother me as much with her and I believe her hair -while as described as somewhat lighter in later books, fits the time frame for Claire now. I do have some small amount of difficulty reconciling the eyes. Needless to say, it’s not that they are always what actually is around her and may often even appear brownish. Besides, the trouble is that when they distract,·they aren’t distracting in right way. Claire’s amber/ ‘whiskey colored’ eyes are probably a distinguishing characteristic in book. They will even get a characteristics fierce beast when she is usually angered.

Jamie’s hair was not curly and Sam’s hair was usually and that has usually been irritating at times.

It doesn’t distract me much from my picture of book Jamie.

Yes, Sam’s nose isn’t as long as book Jamie’s but at least it’s straight.

For me, as apparently for Diana Gabaldon, Sam and Jamie’s appearances have virtually fully merged at the moment. I started explore Outlander book series about a month before the show came out. At that point, pictures of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in costume were usually circulating. Virtually those images were reconciled, I remember having some small amount of difficulty reconciling book Claire’s ample breasts and 5′6″ stature with Cait’s smaller breasts and willowy ·5′10″ frame. Having curly hair myself we was mostly aware that Claire’s hair was curly and we was fortunate to see that they permed Cait’s hair for part.

I’m pretty sure I hadn’t truly paid that much attention to actual shade of Claire’s hair when we study Outlander the first time, aside from she had multicolored strands of hair.

As they explore through the late books that image merged with Cait’s obscure locks and so I oftentimes saw the multiple strands as being numerous shades of murky brownish with undertones of redish and highlights of gold.

It was entirely when they explore a post by a book reader commenting that Claire’s hair was light brownish that I realized we had completely forgotten that fact. For example, I think loads of fans feel similar way about Sam in Jamie role cinjudes. It’s interesting to me that you see Claire more like portrait that is on this post. In my opinion lots of how we see characters has to do with when we started study books.

It should be rather ugh for me to let that go Therefore if they had an idea of what Claire looked like for 15 years.

My book Claire has definitely taken on Cait’s features, since I started explore the books so near the when show started.

I in addition do think that most fans should solidary with you cinjudes that Cait’s performance as Claire virtually has been superb and we have probably been lucky to have Cait portray her in the show. Obviously, something tells me that Cait’s blueish eyes aren’t capable of transforming in rather this particular primal way. I’m still not sure why show’s do department didn’t go with amber contact lenses. Simply keep reading! When we study the books it’s Claire’s amber colored eyes we seenot Cait’ ·Otherwise, regardless she looks like Cait to me in my mind. Notice that prior to leaving Cait/ Claire one of the things that, no doubt both Cait and Claire share always was that ‘fineboned’ frame with pale almost white skin.

Probably that is a big reason why they acclimated rather fast to seeing Cait in my mind’s eye when they explore about Claire, since that first few pictures I saw of Sam Heughan after googling him ok me aback. He looked like a pretty boy. Well, no worries there when he ultimately appeared as Jamie on screen. Hence, sure they wish his hair was straighter and he was about two inches taller -but honestly that has been all we will overlook if given chance. Did you hear about something like that before? His eyes, cheekbones, transformed JAMMF body -we see him when I reread books, that we do on a loop. So it’s my experience of striving to manage the disparities betwixt book Jamie and book Claire and the show’s versions played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.