caitriona balfe eye color Outlander on Instagram shared a brand new behind shooting scenes photo out at a location.

I virtually love light coming in from the scene they have always been shooting.

To be one of those in that tent watching scenes. I figure it’s usually a matter of time before there’s a fangirl pilgrimage to the Highlands. Furthermore, I’m equally as excited about spazzing out over everything with my fellow Outlander fans, I’m so quite excited about the show. Another question isSo question was always this. What always were we called once more? It’s so good to see my quite psychotic and definitely delusional feelings are probably completely justified and shared by everyone. Misery loves company!

caitriona balfe eye color I am so excited I am having trouble living my existence. I think my head possibly explode first time I see them together. That said, this post makes me virtually giddy. I haven’t study books yet! Although, all TN excitement usually was rubbing off on me) we WILL start Outlander though!! So, to post -we think Caitriona has a timeless beauty about her and from what we understand from study another TN posts, that Sam there ye have always been tweet made me melt! Can’t wait for the show! I recognize w/your own thoughts about Bear -he did magnificent soundtracks for Ron’s fabulously successful Battlestar franchise. We really need to make a little pass through stones to … Tuesday of this week, unto we get into all that. Mostly, when Diana G intimated on twitter that we my be getting some casting news by nightfall. Notice, cUE EPIC FANDOM IMPLOSION. On p of that, many my Outlander buddies on twitter and Facebook were losing.their.shizz. Hit nail on the head.

.!!! Excited to live vicariously, I simply tweeted that it’s like your BFF dating cutest nicest guy in school -you’re a wee bit jealous. And therefore I’ve study Ll for, repeatedly and also the books ten yrs now, accent a dialect always were in my head, after listening to the audiobooks all week. My husband has been constantly laughing/making fun of me. He’ll give me a quizzical look occasionally that they don’t understand, not realizing I’ve slipped into the speech. He’ll say oh you’ve been listening againTo which I fix och, yee’ve b’ean list’n a’gin. I wonder what all the people who said she is kept under wraps for months are now thinking!? Consequently, this was obviously a last minute casting choice, and they for one and completely fine with it. Ensure you scratch some comments about it below. From time to time the last one in door is usually golden egg!

I expected nothing other than shade from all the Facebook wackos who’ve been giving Diana shit for months about Sam.

caitriona balfe eye color … it’s been strangely quiet on things negativity side.

I’m disappointed.

I like making fun of crazy people. Now look. I planned to try and come for awhile being that each of us is Claire, in a manner of speaking. What objections may we have to seeing ourselves like that, Cat has been beautiful. We were probably in LOVE with Jamie and so we have this highly specific idea of what our lover looks like in our head. I need to see my lover’s face, not some stranger’s, ya see? That’s my rather fundamental theory in any event. So awful about Claire’s eyes, though -it seemed to me that in EVERY book, her uncommon colour eyes was usually used to describe her.