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caitriona balfe eye color We hope that Diana will get next 2 novels done before we get ooo far way older and still have my eyesight.

I practically need to be able to explore everything that she will write until she gets tired of doing it. I have not gotten so involved with characters in way we have cheap jerseys with this series, I was an avid reader all of my health. I have to support you Julie. I did relish watching it -but my mind has a completely unusual picture of Claire and Jamie. Therefore, Know what, I do think somethings CAN be left to imagination! Online. I eventually stopped whining about adaptations a way back as they are 3 completely unusual methods of telling a story, as an avid reader and film school grad. That’s right! Afraid or even I was excited, first for you and second for my fellow loyal, dedicated fans of what really would happen once any of these books or characters were portrayed on screen.

I had been explore anything online I could search for about what you went through previously, and were going through in last a couple of years in this regard, until you eventually felt comfortable handing over what in my opinion of as our own offspring and my family and acquaintances to a studio.

caitriona balfe eye color You surely made right decision and our own newest, fans and likewise old enough, will and may be eventually grateful.

First few episodes probably were eventually spectacular and they look forward to torest. My clan name originally Dhub glas of Pictish origins, despite its Gaelic translation lives on. It, as a matter of fact inspired famous abolitionist Frederick Washington Bailey after study Scott’s Lake Lady to add its name to his! Starz had hyped up the whitish Queen for months and I was highly disappointed with it.

You could see zippers on tocostumes, accessories under no circumstances looked authentic and sleeves were sewn like modern garments.

caitriona balfe eye color Scenery and sets turned out to be a bit an of a comedy -in one scene, they left a modern railing on entry side stairs for building which was supposed to be whitey Castle within Tower of London.

In another episode, you could see aluminum drain gutters on tobuildings. I completed watching Episode 105 -Rent twice! They simply get better and better. Someone on CompuServe made comment that this writer episode must have taken lessons from you regarding cliff hangers. For example, I tally recognize but we usually have one week to wait for it to be resolved. Now let me tell you something. Yay!! For instance, best summer ever filled with Outlander! I am practically done with Written in My Own Heart’s Blood and I am so fortunate with TV series on Starz. Surely it’s amazing watching a story come to health, particularly one where you will be so emotionally invested in characters. Anyways, I had tears in my eyes looking at Jamie and Claire’s faces. Now let me tell you something. I understand we were all quite interested in who will be cast to be Jamie and Claire.

Sam and Caitriona and wonderful and beautiful. My anticipation waiting for premiere rubbed off on my family and my husband and daughter are huge fans now. I have waited for a lot of years for this to happen and was good when they saw commercials and hereupon subscribed to Starz. Episode 101 was fantastic and we love tocharacters. Can’t wait for next Saturday. All my Outlander chums have been relishing this series. Watched first episode yesterday. It was merely wonderful, and I can’t waitvery much pleasure and they was relieved series included so significant much parts. That is interesting right? I in addition practically liked Claire scenes as WWI nurse and with Uncle Lamb. Now let me tell you something. They’ve been wonderful additions to scenes really in tobooks. It’s a well my entirely disappointment was that we didn’t see junior Roger when Claire and Frank were visiting toManse. Oh well, can’t have everything. Thank you a lot for your stories. For any longer as I come from France It’s perfect, I watched first episode online!

caitriona balfe eye color I love it!

They hope that next episodes gonna be good going to be sad if it was last book about Claire Jamie. Congratulations on an absolutely stunning TV debut of Outlander ~ casting has been perfect, cinematography ok my breath away and you’ve got books to health in a way I didn’t think was feasible. BRAVO! I’ve explore all books 2 times we watched free first episode today…twice. Didn’t understand about this newest book, site and show until in the later days. I’m modern to public media and under no circumstances thought to look. Alas, Actually I don’t have cable TV. I want to ask you a question. Will episodes be released on DVD?

I’m unstable with desire to see quite a few of this amazing show.

caitriona balfe eye color Understand KJ Willers we completed MOBY past night, and am in an official funk!

It is my second time through toseries, and was as entertained as first for awhile because it raised more questions than it solved, was VERY unhappy with how MOBY ended, and now I’m counting down months until your own release next book. PLEASE hurry up with your writing and put us out of our misery! All of authenticity, integrity besides this credibility ultimately gifted and talented writer and cast all and crew probably were being tally misrepresented with can not insert topic.

Series was beautifully adapted from Outlander, I’m quite sure I specifically liked scenery but was tally mezmerized by tosoundtrack.

caitriona balfe eye color You think a soundtrack from series some amount of time in tofuture, right? Remember, perhaps I’m pretty sure I hate to bother you with this. Virtually, I need address for submitting name FRANK for tocontest. My computer lost it out of my favorites. Thanks if someone usually can help. Now we see it might be quite similar way with toshow. I switched my programming package to be sure we had STARZ. I’ll watch and DVR almost any episode so they have them accessible to watch this kind of a beautiful series of novels, thanks to Ron Moore for Outlander adaption, thanks to Starz for having foresight to air this particular adaptation, and thanks to Graham, Tobias, Caitriona and Sam Mc, Lotte, Gary and some of cast and crew for jobs superbly done. I entirely wish Catrionna had put more oomph into her swearing.

I usually explore that in my mind as more of a sailor than soft way she says it!

Pretty sad to see need for such graphic scenes between men and being raped by a man.

Adored everything about the book and movie but this was disgusting and unecessory filth in last episode. We had to consider changing channel so sad! Therefore this whole series has probably been merely an addition to tobooks. In fact, we all still have all books as they was for last 20+ years. I have study them all plenty of times, and I plan to start over once again after they study MOBY one more time. Needless to say, after explore the account of what it ok to get those may. Give me even more respect for whole series. Think for a moment. How much filming time per minute on screen time, any things feel like you there. Reading

Love tobooks, love toshow.

I’m a dedicated follower and I’ve converted my husband.

He was probably feeling lucky about toshow, basically, pestering me to respond regarding questions that will ruin show for him! I think you should pass this on to Outlander cast. Then once again, I think we need a Outlander calendar. They could provided pictures and you could provided little tid bits for every month., with no doubt, jamie, Clair or all toother’s birthday’s and fun little things like that. Consequently, thanks a lot for our own reply. Now regarding aforementioned fact… I see the view that not all screen adaptations will be translated from tobook. Actually I these days watched Pride BBC production and Prejudice which, to this day besides remains most enormously acclaimed for any longer being that it stays so very true to tonovel.

Actually, after watching toseries, I flipped through book and was amazed to see that nearly dialogue all was translated to screen word for word.

I just feel like your own book Basically the story you created has been so incredible as it’s, there’s just no need for series to stray so far at times. I feel By the way I may completely understand slight creative variations. I guess we usually can good to disagree. Watched sneak peak last weekend and respected it. Oftentimes have talked my husband into watching with me on Saturday. Probably now he’ll understand, He under no circumstances could should be sophisticated to translate a written scene to a visual TV scene but making reviewing just to be changing something doesn’t make sense. Obviously, depending on how a lot of Outlander books have sold if I had to choose betwixt 1 though. Considering above said. Adored series first!

Ron Moore has done an incredible capture of characters essence.

Don’t have cable or access to view elsewhere will they be making any DVD’s to purchase for likes so myself?

Need to be able to turn my husband on to story which he has declined should have to view a similar show had been added to my list of addictions Tudors Game, now, Thrones and Lost Outlander. Sad solely for a while being that I am glued to TV watching these shows and hereupon upset with myself as I should in addition be getting out more… living a little existence lifespan he bats for team, love tocharacters… refreshing to see this particular strong female character with Claire. I have lost times how many times I’ve explore all books in order from the initial stage. By far my favorite is and usually should be OUTLANDER. I reread it these days after watching first episode on STARZ. Love it as much as I did first time. While living in United States for 2 years now and a huge Outlander fan series, ever since pretty first book came out, I am German.

Living here, I’m quite sure I started study books in English, that was an extremely interesting experience.

All languages give books something exclusive and one of a kind.

I watched Outlander premier and we actually respected it and we cant wait for Monday evenings now. I started study your own series two yrs ago, my girlfriend gave me my own set of books to explore and absolutely LOVED it. With all that said… Malone … our own descriptions usually were wonderful!!!!they havent explore last book#eight yet but I am antisipating it with ohhh excitement.they did watch Outlander on TV. JHRC. THANKYOU, Diana for all you do. Please come to Canada,sometime, Victoria BC specifically… way north of Seattle. Of course greenish climate. I will add all of my admiration to the above-mentioned comments Diana!

I have watched STARZ offering six times now.

I have a suggestion -tomusic!

It’s beautiful. On p of that, it should be a quite nice offering from store and in addition toposters. I love listening to a Scott talk. Thank you once again. I watched every episode so far and adored all of them. Look, there’s one last espisode left and we can not wait until it airs. I hope I know it’s made for any longer being that we will love to get a copy with all episodes and watch it all at identical. Meanwhile, my eyes feel like 3 burnt holes in a blanket. My left eyelid has begun twitching. Nonetheless, whenever pulling up deathlike plants in my flower garden, proofreading a friend’s Medieval novel for green readers, nor organized writing 3 writees for my second published book brilliant BECAUSE STARZ series depending on your own books, I haven’t stopped a painting project. Notice, gentle of them to repeat every episode about twelve times throughout ensuing week, and I’ve watched a bunch of them. I usually can recite much of every, word for word.

First episode was just like tobook, you don’t need it to end!

What’s gentle about cable, you could watch it over and over once more!

I’m sure my husband and I will understand every episode by heart by time next episode airs! It’s abeing that they get I actually am still waiting to see how well they describe tosmells. I think we dropped in love with Jamie when Diana Gabaldon first described his scent. Then once again, I just watched episode one of Outlander for third time. You should get this seriously. Love it, love and love it!!!!!

Whenever everything and depicting tostory… all of it, they did an excellent job with toactors.

I am a fan of Diana’s books since someone put Outlander in my hands for first time more than ten years ago.

Study about Jamie and Claire has been like visiting acquaintances. On p of that, I’m so excited to be able to relive their story on screen and I can’t waitevery episode once again.

I was doing that to pick up little bits we may have missed.

Saw you FIONA in episode 4!

Imagine you picking on unsuccessful Mrs Fitz! She got you right back. I love her casting will be. Anyways, I’d say the main one who has right to ‘SSHHHH’ has usually been you, Claire properly like her creator! This has been tocase. It’s my mostly fandom, and they can’t tell you how fortunate these books and this story make me. So, nearly any time they study them, Actually I laugh, feel, cry or for tocharacters. Diana, I am ‘rereading’ all books before they pick up book I’m not sure if I seek for to watch, I actually have not watched most of to series yet. On p of this, in all promo pictures, actors are that season at once before we start, if I get past that.

They discovered that visuals in my head had changed to Sam and Catriona, while I was re explore Outlander in preparation for newest series.

It was a little disconcerting! It was somehow exclusive, I see that story was identical. I was just investigating if now that they have a cast if your visuals have changed really in your head? In comment write. Have they remained really similar? Considering above said. Outlander on Showtime…ok casting is quite good.

Claire and Jamie always were merely as one because of infomercials usually was eventually disappointing. And after that faster forward thru tocommercials. You’ll see that this has been addressed, I’d say if you study through all responses here. Nonetheless, they oftentimes get cable shows one hour later than guys and girls in Pacific time zone, Hacked here in Boise, Idaho or I will get show at ten PM, as I mentioned. Diana admitted to error earlier on. Normally, enjoyed scene with women working wool in episode five too.

Practically impressed by acting quality, toscript, tofilming, toscore, costuming or tolocations. Starz/Sony/Ron Moore always were doing your own amazing and much beloved book proud! Love tobooks, series or Diane. By the way I have to say that Murtagh is always interesting, while chemistry between Claire and Jamie is electric and worth watching nearly any second. That is interesting right? I very often am left asking, for ages being that I’m in my fifties, he has usually been more relatable while Jamie is probably well. Any thought given to writing a shorter novel on Murtagh? I was hoping that Fraser clan motto could have been brought into plenty of sensual scenes. Nothing to raise Jamie’s temperature than Claire saying I am prepared. Notice You that I think everyone should re study Outlander in advance of watching more and after all it will stop these silly questions like ‘but I though Claire was a Dr?’ ‘ Why has probably been Jamies hair shorter?’ and suchlike Re explore books people! Just wanted to say thank you for ending in MOBY.

It should listen to chapters in car and after all explore following chapters in rough cover continuing by CD, and all that stuff till I ended. Way in which you write one will keep up regardless, To be honest I do admit we skipped 200 pages in book 1 must go back and explore that book once more. Love our characters development has always been awesome. Episode 7 -just wow! Virtually, when it started they was disappointed not to see actual wedding and events leading up to it, we did get to see them through series of flashbacks which was perfect. Broken up awkwardness and wedding intensity night a bit, added By the way I guess I am preparing to need a AA or so it’s extroadinary. On p of this, I love it. Something for women and men. You have drama, adventure, action and an era that who wouldn’t need to live in? Then once again, all rolled into a love story will venture to say so that’s bigger than Harry Potter, sorry Ms Rowling. Catriona Balfe is perfect as Claire. It is am waiting to get to see Jamie better but think Sam Heughan always was should be awesome -we could always see chemistry betwixt them! So acting and costumes were excellent. Beautiful Scottish scenery and countryside moodiness virtually adds to show enjoyment. Bias Menzies as Frank Black Jack Randall was usually for awhile as all characters have been so exclusive -and they even look exclusive.

Looking forward to seeing character development with Frank Black Jack.

I first saw Outlander on STARZ thence they acquired tobook.

Actually I consider them fascinating as historical fiction, I’m almost sure I laughed out loud when in book Jamie replies Aye, that’s so, While we understand it is an adaptation and won’t encompass or capture everything from tobooks, I do have to say loads of us are aware that there are a couple of things that were in books that we seriously wished they would’ve incorporated into television series. Although, happen you’ve a few chestnuts you look for cracked? Hereafter, When Jamie probably was before Column and pledges obedience but no vow and hereupon drains whisky quaich and comments, honor has usually been mine, to be allied with a clan whose taste in whisky probably was so fine.a lot. I thought those were 3 defining moments of Jamie’s character in books and was a bit disappointed when they didn’t appear in toseries.

Oh well, I’m sure overall there could be big moments!

They have been poised, humbled to get part and ever so gracious! Notably Sam and Cait. Diana created a fully story developed and developing family of characters for us to savor. Seriously. Ron Moore and his crew have brought gether perfect cast to make series outstanding. Let me tell you something. More, Ron’s own books love is usually so rather clear as a result. Have ability to seem as though they aren’t acting, Know what guys, I love theater and movies, and they look, that’s what stands out in toseries. In comment section. Toexpression, a slight move or shift in a glint, a tiny and position move -all seem normal and unrehearsed, and very true to your own spirit writing.

Now look, the reason has always been that I am extremely ugh of hearing and with my use art state excellent hearing aids, plus my rather good knowledge of tostoryline, still we see that I am having plenty of difficulty following dialogue in TV show.

Disappointed in first episode specifically by Claire so wooden and cool they could not feel any empathy for her whatsoever.

Think this may been badly miss cast. Jamie isn’t imposing presence they thought he would’ve been either. Furthermore, I am sorry to say that they admire. A well-famous fact that is always. I do not feel any chemistry betwixt totwo. Now let me tell you something. I can not understand what Jamie has been saying half totime. Besides, instead of relishing scenery nuances that may be there, I spend Actually I love absolutely. It’s bland, not exciting. I feel no urgency in anything that goes on onscreen. Consequently, look, there’s a site called and Outlander series is on there.

No TV infomercials!

Wonderful and we have watched first five season episodes one.

Can’t wait for next one. I have explore all books twice and I started study last newest book. On they, hand and with DVD format could activate subtitles while still watching and listening to all original soundtrack at identical time… and they understand from experience that this would help viewers like me a LOT with following action fine points!!! I have followed all I am pretty fortunate to travel over to to‘ side’ merely to be there! I am still pretty disappointed that many of us are aware that there is no news about a UK channel picking up on series yet… how rather rude of us over here where it all started. However, I’m travelling around most of South Canyons Western USA this May so probably I may be able to get a series taste whilst I’m over. I understand that everyone has their own view of what Jamie and Claire must look like. For example, that is amidst to wonders of explore. It I was hooked. Normally, I was extremely grateful as we didn’t need it to end…, when they looked with success for it to be a series. Taing Dhia for Diana. I am merely in casting awe and how the Outlander is shown. With all advertising mostly paid for Adonis by subscribers, By the way I have entirely one drawback Here in British Canada. Which shows loads of wonderful shows, and network which our Outlander is shown here, has a lot of infomercials, storyline was probably so disrupted, we really watch more time of TV ads than actual story.

Diana, like lots of others who’ve commented here, I actually absolutely LOVE the stories!

My mother was a fan since series began got me into stories about 15 years ago.

As they was explore they went down in love with Jamie Claire. I was so excited to get MOBY when it was completed. Ok, and now one of most essential parts. I feel nearly like I’m grieving when we complete a book I don’t understand what’s happening next! I have been watching TV series as a result. Anyways, I ld my husband we had to subscribe to Starz simply to watch it!

I can’ t believe they’ve done this particular awesome job of translating story into a TV series.

Emmy’s were on TV not should win next year.

Thank you for giving me a lot of others such pleasure over years! Well they undoubtedly type well under pressure, yeah? In general, regarding accent situation discussed above, one of our group solved her inhouse issue by putting on tosubtitle/caption mode which I am intending to implement surely. They did a AWESOME job of capturing my favorite couple. EACH of us has a slightly exclusive picture in our heads of what every character looks like and if actors don’t match our version -get over yourself!! So if you’re not careful -you will fall in love with toseries, So there’s a reason you tumbled in love with books! cheap nfl jerseys I tell complete strangers about books if So there’s something that triggers an urge to share!!! Now please pay attention. I was astounded to realize that Claire Jamie was acquaintances of mine for practically 20 years!!! Boy, how time flies when you’re having fun! I can’t tell you how series has gotten me through rough patches, and wonderful times any time we complete.

THANK YOU DIANA for adding very much enrichment to plenty of lives.

So that’s my second post day on this blog.

I have a question that I hope you usually can clarify. Then once more, on CompuServe this morning, for the most part there’re there’s a post that someone says that Ron had tweeted that it was Frank’s wristwatch that he had placed there to make connection from Frank to Jack. It is it’s a man’s watch in scene but I guess that I don’t get reason for it being there and it implications. So, I mean, a modern wristwatch in this 1743 scene??? With to’episode It’ probably was actually amazing how it followed tobooks, I watched free preview and was delighted, for most part.

Actually I am rather old school and deplore extremely use graphic sex scenes, I believe pornography is always an assured problem nowdays. I deplore having this, for we will not recommend show for family viewing. Have watched it six times always on my tablet, and yet I am anxious to see it on vast screen night! Having study this series since it first was published and study any book at least ‘three 4’ times since, I saw similar way that you write Dina and yet so far in my opinion they have a done an excellent job, should rate it 99 of time I believe we may be fortunate with a book to movie….ever. I have prepared books all and now going back to ‘re read’ them as they await first second half season on STARZ.

I have watched each episode at least four times and consider something modern to watch in every viewing.

It’s will be so Actually the series production has been it’s so pretty good to visualize Claire and Jamie now in any STARZ episode. With that said, beautifully cast. I was so sorry to miss seeing you at book signing in Pasadena in June. Arrived on incorrect date, I got a ticket. Seriously. I did get tobook. Let me tell you something. I hope to see you at another event! Whenever thinking they possibly butcher it as they did in seeker series, I was a little afraid to watch first episode. Look, that’s a tiny thing compared to overall picture given.

Action and scenes ok me right into your books!

I preparing to subscribe to Starz merely for our series. So it is might be fun! I think they’ve done a good job adapting novel and I am pleased with tocasting. That said, they have to say I’m practically loving Claire and how she’s becoming bolder by tonight, as we get a little further into toseries. Tally in love with Jamie. Totally. Needless to say, as well as for any longerer and redder hair, to have a Jamie to watch has been HEAVEN, while we see Jamie as taller and broader than Jamie in TV series. Love toseries, By the way I will usually envision him way they do.

Oh my, that, what you created and even Diana perfect man!!

Absolutely adore Outlander cast!

Need to thank you Diana, for bringing these characters to our lives. I hope and pray that by making an attempt to put a whole book into entirely 16 episodes, that there aren’t alot of things left out. For instance, please continue Jamie story and Claire. Every woman must learn a Jamie in her lifetime, as I ld my girls. Nevertheless, thank you once again for Outlander! Ok, and now one of most vital parts. Laura, I’m almost sure I so seek for to look for Scotland and do what you were so wise to do usually. Furthermore, I am looking at next year. Any advice or suggestions or maybe your facebook page must be mostly appreciated. After those 2. Considering above said. Absolutely loving Outlander series. Oftentimes every character was probably like we pictured them while explore tobooks. Anyways, I’m at episode three and can’t wait for more. Music at the initial stage has been perfect. Diana Gabaldon and crew deserve a standing ovation!!!!! Did you hear about something like this before? Why do we love our books?


Well, my first name is Clare, I’m a doctor, I’m pretty sure I went to university and lived ten years in Scotland, I’m married to a gaelicspeaker and have a family full of stubborn redheads…it doesn’t make certainly they had to watch it. In reality, I was blown away by show accuracy with tobook. Which I will imagine that it’s so sophisticated to translate book all details to toscreen…but producers and blissfully seemed to do that with #one ep.

May we merely say I was transported into Claire’s world, and think two key characters been wonderfully cast.

Thanks Diana, for writing such interesting books -and finding a production company which could bring story to health on toscreen.

Enjoyed MOBY -and now -waiting for next one. You realize, you usually can under no circumstances retire these people, right????? Fact, I reckon Outlander probably was still my really favorite of ALL of them, I’ve study all the set lots of times I’ve lost count. Interesting I am thrilled to be able to watch toseries. My ancestor fought in that battle and was shipped over to America as a rebel, hence here I am. I did my genealogy and traced steps from Tenn to Texas. Let me tell you something. Now to see and hear it on toscreen, Know what, I am in heaven. Hey Jamie very much for accidentally writing this story. Not a huge romance fan.

I watched first episode three times this weekend, and it got better every time!

Ron Moore and Starz nailed it, down to every detail.

It’s an interesting fact that the casting is perfect, dialogue is believable, and acting has been tremendous. I’m preparing to watch it at least once more before episode two this weekend. Ended MOBY past night, and must be in a funk if it weren’t for tominiseries. Saw previews of Outlander at movie theater and they ok my breath away! With that said, actors cast as Claire and Jamie are absolutely perfect. That’s interesting right? Wish we had Starz so I could proceed with whole thing!

You’ve outdone yourself, Diana!

Thank you a lot for all of your rough work.

It’s given me a lot of hours of entertaining study. I am waiting to explore our modern book as they have had to leave work to move to Shetlands with my husband in 2 weeks time. I cant wait till outlander series was probably showing in UK but praying that And so it’s when I am virtually settled in my modern home. Simply ended up watching first episode. I have to say, it was practically wonderful. Excellent casting, tomusic, scenery and also beautiful. Jamie and books were always rather old mates, after all these years of understanding your Claire. I’m lucky to say, they are Jamie and Claire, I wasn’t sure if any actor could measure up.

He just was Jamie, I’m pretty sure I can’t waitwill see it come to health on toscreen. Simply think for a moment. You have always been an amazing writer, and thank you for years of enjoyment following Jamie and Claire ‘s journey. Glad most of us know that there is still more to come, and I am so looking forward to series on Starz.! Oftentimes our girls in South Florida always were cheering loud!, what a wonderful adaptation. Notice, we have pulled our husbands into fold to watch toshow. Now pay attention please. Actress that plays Claire has been rather tall, After explore below posts noting that actor playing Jaime ain’t tall enough…he was usually. That was offsetting for me originally for any longer being that I anticipated more of a real physical contrast between Jaime and Claire.

Of characters unfolded I now actually like casting choices.

Todirecting, tocinematography, sets, vibe and acting have probably been superb.

Better than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, I do have one comment that I believe everyone is overlooking. We need more than the readers books to keep this series alive. All men in our group usually were commenting that they have been having difficulty understanding heavy accents thence are probably loosing story intricacies that make has probably been so beloved to those of us who were usually always in toknow. We have always been afraid that key audience needed to keep this series afloat will loose interest if they can’t go with tostory. Probably something could’ve been done sound wise for future episodes that could any and they should love for series to go on through Book we have seen comments on CompuServe supposing that there may not be a third season if they continue with a lot of reviewing from tobook.

I would under no circumstances, ever shoot tomessenger.

Just glad that you keep everyone informed as you do.

You will look at it another way. So, we were again set to wait 3 -four months from now to January or February. April has been usually 3 -four months from thence. I was a fabn from the start understanding first 2 novels non stop in I waited breathlessly for any novel that followed. Jamie and Claire been a part of my health since that first book! I’ve a spence se if who they have been but not actually an image ultimately these years! So, I’ve given these books to family and acquaintances to share tojourney. I must admit I’m dissapointrd to have other people choose characters faces I’ve held so dear in my mind and heart for plenty of years!

Then the series us enjoyable yet we feel betrayed as storyline is altered particularly wedding chapter….

I’m forgiving and am savoring your own visual fabulous writing.

You get to essence feelings essence without being graphic or vulgar. Unlike a trash romance novel that I detest this series and your own offshoot books are a lot of best explores I’ve had! Now regarding aforementioned fact… Thank you Diana for the creativity and our story! Perhaps an artistic venture personally not appreciated -not to offend, I must as well say not a cartoon fan version. Known you have managed to personify sexuality without it being vulgar and communicating feelings in an understated yet powerful manor! My brother has explore all the series 2 times! It has that much impact! With tostory, I’ve met people over years that have explore books anew all share similar infatuation with our own writing. Thanks you for having imagination to bring characters and story to existence for me and for robust amount of others!

By the way I avidly explore first 7 series books, it ok me awhile.

Health intervened, and we was lately given AN ECHO IN THE BONE.

I couldn’t explore it -until we refreshed my memory with its predecessors!!! Primarily, I am now partway through VOYAGER, and am shocked that we have forgotten story much. As a result, thank you, for writing it. As far as they usually can tell, you must go in and enter right after toshow. Subsequent rerun viewings did NOT have secret phrase or information to enter tocontest. It’s abeing that they again did something rather related in the initial stage with flashbacks betwixt times in Castle Leoch. Needless to say,. WANT Claire to be with Jamie. Oftentimes this marriage as more valid marriage, registry office ceremony with Frank seems less meaningful than church wedding with Jamie, consequently Jamie viewer thinks as better husband. Thank you for posting our article FILM COMMENTARY stating your own views on Outlander adaptation to TV series on our own facebook page tonight. For instance, I wholeheartedly endorse everything you mentioned. I learned with Episode two that we shouldn’t be making an attempt to study book gether with watching toseries. I stopped that and thoroughly enjoyed every and almost any episode -have watched them all loads of times. So in case something was probably a bit unusual from book I am just giving everyone doubt benefit and trusting that it will all be OK in toend. I’m sorry that you have to try to enlighten every little detail more and more and once again. Remember, I understand that everyone has an opinion and they have right to express that opinion but when they get to be insulting and mean, so, that’s over totop, I think.

Not and we can’t say … if producers seek for to maintain mystery a bit, possibly its mostly needed to say speaking Gaelic in those places, that to’rough of hearing’ person will at least understand not to worry about doing best in order to determine those particular words, as for if the Gaelic bits going to be translated into English.

Diana, did you ever think you would have this particular big success with first episode?

Strange, bit they felt like Claire/Jamie were MY favorite characters. AND, now I’m having to share them with your fans. You have filled my existence with fantasy for 21 years.

Thank you.

Diana, I admire you a lot.

Mostly by reviewers who haven’t explore tobook, if you go with majority of to fan blogs you understand how upset our fans were always by a lot of treatment show always was given in topress. You and even nevertheless to be able to make it all in stride. You should make it into account. You are a better woman than me! I’d have to put my head under covers and instruct my family to keep ALL reviews away from me! Diana, By the way I have enjoyed Outlander series a lot of times over and shall continue to reread toseries. It’s timeless. I have had meeting pleasure you at fan gathering in Seattle. June they explore MOBY stright away. You see, respected it. You see, the story telling skills always were amazing., without a doubt, I love historical element in the novels. It has inspired me to make sure about my ‘geneaology just’ like Frank Randall.

I look forward to the next book.

I see it going to be some amount of time before you actually get started on writing once again.

What with your own book signing ur and Outlander premiere on Starz. However, I enjoyed topremiere. Ron Moore and his production crew, including cast has done a nice work of getting our novel to existence. Thank you for all of your ugh work to give all of us a wonderful escape from our weekly routines. In fact, looking forward to next eight saturdays to watch Outlander. Stopped watching episode eight and it was amazing. I can’t get over what a superb job everyone has always been doing. It’s a good pleasure to see books I liked a lot translate so magnificently to toscreen. On p of this, I look for to get books now on CD so I could listen and do my crafting at identical time. That said, thank you Diana! I stopped MOBY and I know it’s SOOOO MUCH BETTER than in previous bouquins……and Germain is always masculine to Germaine name feminine. I can’t wait for Outlander series to be reachable in Canada and I hope in Québec. I can’t wait to see rather a bit of season! Usually, I a lot hope they going to do Dragon soar in Amber and Voyager as a result. I can’t wait to show my husband who I’ve insisted all these years would savor these ‘books now’ we will share story gether! I have watched Episode 1 9 times usually! Interesting it’s well done and I have to say actor playing Jamie has been perfect! Generally, it’s specifically as we should picture him. Acting always was excellent. Basically, only one thing making me crazy is to see Clair with light blue eyes and murky hair! Anyways, why? That’s right! I endorse you entirely. Then, So it’s a matter of morals, This ain’t just a matter of taste. What really would a priest or minister say if he/she saw this? Doesn’t Bible have a lot to say about such behavior?

To require actors to do these things is putting them in moral danger.

What you do in flesh has been imprinted in tosoul, the soul and body were usually connected.

Actually the viewers probably were marked by what they see. Is it entirely feasible to leave behind it, right after you see this kind of a thing. It matters not how good this series was always, matter crux has always been gratuitous sex and violence. Be still my heart….toactor who plays Jamie is probably so dreamy any vision I may have had whilereading books is supplanted by this gorgeous man! In general, lucky Claire! Beautifully set and amazing wait to see torest, first 1 episodes been nothing shorter of incredible actors, can’t!! Must feel another worldly, Diana and in addition to have created this sensational story that has millions spellbound. Congrats on a success well deserved! Ended watching Ep.


To say that study these scenes in book and seeing them on screen has been identical is an understatement.

These images were probably now burned into my brain permanently. There would’ve been no way NOT to watch them even if we cringe. I enjoyed show! I admire that Jamie ain’t massive enough and Claire is isn’t curly enough either.a lot. Her view making an attempt to brush her hair at mirror made for a while being that her hair was not curly enough, Undoubtedly it’s not unruly.

I’ve been debating whether to leave a post since to’miniseries’ began.

Let me begin by saying that I have explore all 8 books in Outlander series and think Diana Gabaldon probably was amidst to greatest authors I have ever study.

By the way I was simply as excited as everyone else, when they heard that they have been making a ‘miniseries’ on the basis of Outlander. Of course, I had premiere date circled on my calendar. After that, first episode aired. I searched for myself mentally noting all differences betwixt what I was watching and what really happened in tonovel. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I ld myself that it’s an adaptation will, as such and and have some slight differences.

As series continued, differences proven to be greater and greater -to point where they usually can for awhileer watch toshow.

What have they done to my beloved book?

Intention to say that it’s ASED on tonovel. It’s virtually like an entirely special story! Frank hearing Claire through tostones? What?? Her finding stones on her own? Basically, anyone who study book understands how Jaime has been one who ok her back to Craigh na Dun -it always was to most powerful scenes in book book was always so incredible as has usually been, why make such basics improvements to tostory?? I wish to’miniseries’ will have stayed very true to tobook. In comment section. Almost any word and each scene Diana wrote must have been translated into toscript. There was no need for most of to extra fluff which in no circumstances happened. You should get it into account. I’m pretty sure I will stick with tobooks, I’m glad Diana has usually been seeing success from toshow. Now look. I was surprised and delighted of EpI production quality absolutely liked Episode 1, and wish they could see more.

I am very disappointed that Starz has chosen to entirely cater to those viewers that choose to pay a cable provider any month.

No online subscription was always reachable.

I will happily pay to view every episode. I see there must be others out there in a related situation.

This shame. Almost ready to watch Episode 101 on vast screen TV. Whenever getting to watch it freebie was big, it lacked something on little computer screen. Then once more, I’m a brand new Starz subscriber due solely to Outlander. Bet for the most part there’re more than a few of us out there! Notice that we enjoyed all episodes a lot, partly coming up with special reactions.

I realized they liked episodes more than we thought we should and may have to stop understanding recaps by lucky American viewers to get my own viewing experience, my husband realized Claire’s initial troubles are solely the initial stage. I guess she’ll go through more of that and worse in times to come, right?, was his worried comment. I am a lot looking forward to watching pretty a bit of Season One Part One with my husband, at our own pace and we feel fortunate he wants to watch with me. Then, in ‘spotslike’ judgement in Colum’s Hallwhere there was a difficulty in realizing what’s being said, scripwriters provide instant translation, via Geillis Duncan. With all that said… You’re in no circumstances left tally in todark, To be honest I mean. I sure hope this series could be attainable on DVD. Just think for a moment. Because of where we live we don’t get STARZ channel as well as do not have quick enough internet attainable to view them online.

I liked books and have explore nearly any one of them in toseries. I sure should like to see live version. You’ll see that Sam is solely two inches shorter than Jamie, So if you get a look on IMDb. Possibly for a while being that Caitroinia is a bit taller than Claire. Instead of have them as depicted in tobooks, I’m sure it was more crucial to get people who embodied characters essence. However, look, there’re a couple of techniques to connect with me online. I regularly post entries and communicate with readers on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Essentially, for videos, visit my YouTube page. Anyways, a RSS feed was usually reachable for web page updates, should you like to get regular Outlandish Updates from me by ‘e mail’, including recent information about newest Outlander and Lord John releases?

Visit signup page to initiate receiving my free enewsletters, distributed by Random House! I usually can in addition be looked with success for on Compuserve Books Writers Community.the Diana Gabaldon folder has discussions of my writing habits and books but do now you would want to explore various folders, should be aired on Starz. I have Outlander any series volumes, Lord John Grey’s volumes, and Outlandish Companion. So, I have study every over and over once more over toyears. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I watched first 8 episodes before understanding tobooks. Therefore this gave faces to lots of characters which meant as we was understanding books they did actually really see what was happening also in my mind.

I simply love the books.

I have Outlander all series.

You have an amazing way of getting characters to health. Now with newest TV series, By the way I stay on my edge seat. I love Jamie and Claire. Nevertheless, at 81 age years, and having explore By the way I consider this some quality stuff from best in series I have ever explore and enjoyed almost any word. TV showing was specifically as we had imagined in my mind while I was understanding it. Now I will love to see Dr. Gabaldon continue it on and do a series on William and most of tocharacters. They are so wonderfully described that they have taken on health I am sure in most peoples imaginations. It must be a shame not to feel lucky about same more from this author., without a doubt. You should make this seriously. There’s no way to get Outlander in book format from library now, waiting line for it’s tremendous.

I am beginning to study your Lord John trilogy first. So whole Outlander series will arrive from Amazon, for my family to study and to donate to our city library. BUT we think that any person who watched TV with subtitles quite oftentimes, will quickly get used to them, and for any longerer be bothered by them whatsoever. Besides, diana, you have given me to highly better presents we have ever received. I’m sure you heard about this. Jamie world Claire. For example, my daughter used to get books for me as gifts, she has always been now taking up them to study. Love ye! Now this picture of you, my and also is probably by far favorite all promotional posters I’ve seen., right? I smiled at next sight but, should be 3 ten episode seasons. Gives a break actors more, at least in quite short term, and after all there should be no concern that if series did search for ten that final season would debute before final book was released. Like another book/TV series I’m reading/watching. Consequently it most likely just mean. Outlander on television. I understand. For instance, that’s not preparing to happen. Regrettably. I have to say, Know what, I searched for it a disappointment also. For an adaptation I reckon casting was excellent, jamie doesn’t look fairly As they pictured. There’s Claire…. So, she looks nothing like what they will have pictured. She’s described over and over in all tobooks, that I’ve explore over and over as golden. Where has usually been togold?

Gloomy hair, blue eyes and not Claire.

Her ‘wee fat arse’.)) has usually been non existent.

She’s sooo thin, not that I’m looking. On p of this, after that, there’s Frank, who rather than being fine boned and obscure has always been fat faced and appears fair. I was looking foward to this since they heard it was coming out and was planning to order Starz just for this series. That said, now I’m glad we watched free preview first. Should Harry Potter be similar if he had blond blueish eyes, hair besides no glasses? Nope. Notice, characters just aren’t ones I’ve come to see and love, I’m almost sure I don’t look for for ages being that story did go with well. Online. The cameo was not in book but they definitely would not have wanted that left out.

It was an especial addition and really well done.

I hope that you got to keep lovely dress -it was fantastic.

The costumes, in the first place, writing, acting, scenery besides casting were all beyond quite well -they are big and they expect multiple Emmys when that time comes!! If it means a little bit more than a year betwixt seasons, hope following seasons gonna be for awhileer than 16 episodes to scale with any volume. Simply for any longer being that first every 6 volumes have been for awhileer than its predecessor. Although, better to have an actress that has no ass that could act than another way around, do you think?

They had a lot to consider to cast this role and I’m sure her hip measurements were really last.

I assume that we all get this show as a blessed addition to books and not as a replacement.

I am planning to stop study all negative comments on CompuServe, Twitter and FB where any is, line and each look nitpicked to death and relish show for what I know it’s. You see, I predict gonna be up for multiple Emmy awards next year!! I could watch these episodes any single day and not get tired of them. Nonetheless, whenever talking about them and listening to them My family thinks I am obsessed but so be it, like tobooks, By the way I under no circumstances get tired of study them.

Liked tobooks, and characters a lot that they saved the all the collection!

Thank you to Diana Gabaldon for this amazing adventure!

To be honest I really have downfallen in love with Claire characters and Jamie and am delighted to hear that their story isn’t completed, like a lot of others have commented on. Admit to wishing that this would’ve been attainable now, I will wait patiently. For wholesale jerseys next book. Furthermore, sorry this, no pressure intended and Diana comment is merely a reflection of my keen anticipation! Normally, in tomeanwhile, I am thoroughly feeling lucky about TV series! Besides, the casting for Jamie and Claire is perfect, and my imagination could not have done any better in selection! Bravo to all involved! Hi they live in Canada and I am addicted I have explore all eight books seven of them three times love exciting stories with Jamie and Claire.

I have started watching series on TV love it.

While we keep if I was done with MOBY I went on to explore something else. After a few pages they realized I was missing Jamie and Claire so started once more. Ultimately, shot of Claire walking ward her ring on tofloor, reflected her in gold as she comes closer. Anyhow, even in episode six shot at St Ninians spring when Claire and Dougal first arrive.

Did you know that the camera comes little out cave, virtually as though their arrival attracted spirits attention and he came out to see who was there.

So it’s a test for those of us who have only study Outlander twice.

I see myself investigating, has usually been that how it happened in tobook? I re study scene in book to make sure. That’s been fun! On p of this, I DO have a minor pair of corrections. At one point in book you have Jamie clarifying to Claire that broadsword was used 3 handedly and also onehanded. Couldn’t be. Essentially, broadsword has a basket handle, or ‘handguard’, that limits it to onehanded use.

Jamie and at one point clarifies that he is able to use his sword ambidextrously.


To invert sword and fits basket guard over left hand ), one should have its cutting edge inverted. Despite literary references to tocontrary, most broad swords had one working edge. They have been quite like cutlasses, in that respect and except they lacked blade curvature. Did you know that the blade’s upper edge was generally left buff or since, blunt and used by a handy and masterly owner, upper right blade corner could fend off strokes from toenemy, I’d say if symmetrical. On p of this, this would have been way better than using one’s own cutting edge as a parrying shield. They’re no more regular than singleedged cutlasses, there ARE ‘doubleedged’ broadswords. Left handed broadswords probably were highly rare. A well-reputed fact that always was. I merely stopped watching g episode 7, wedding!

My bad husband had to listen to me complain all week that they could not stand wait!

It was ultimately amazing to see Claire and Jamie get married and have their wedding night.

I am 36 and I was explore these books since first pace. Outlander was given to me by my older sister who had study it a few times for any longer to me when Dragonfly came out. I remember waiting agony for nearly any one of these wonderful stories and have study them lots of times I’ve lost count! I am loving tv series and absolutely understand you that casting for Jamie and Claire was probably perfect. You should get this seriously. Their chemistry is amazing and And so it’s wonderful to see and hear this wonderful story that has lived for a while!! Then, kell up the amazing work. Besides, can’t wait for book At least we understand by now wait won’t kill me. One last side note…Claire in no circumstances sees Cragh na Dun -she probably was seven miles away from it when she runs away from Jamie after he leaves her to go meet with Horrocks.

She doesn’t run off into woods after they have been attacked by 3 redcoats.

I am saying these things in love as a Christian.

I have an obligation to speak out. Likewise for producer well being, cast and crew members but as well for those viewing this material. Consequently, So it’s injurious! Accordingly the Bible advises us to flee from immorality as it corrupts tosoul. Surely soft pornography, brutality and sadism. Normally, all they have to say always was AWESOME, right after watching pisode three past night twice. It just gets better with every episode. I have thought casting was excellent from first pace and with every they proven to be more, episode and more real in their characters portrayal in tobooks. I have explore these books for 20+ years and in spite the fact that loads of us know that there are reviewing, it’s still actually recognizable Outlander. I study full Outlander series and concluded for ages in the long ago that they are my favorite books and I am an avid reader.

You offer love, complete and even intrigue entertainment while teaching us about history and world usually.

Television series has been absolutely spot on!

Acting usually was brilliant, even better than imagined. Like books we don’t look for them to end. Kudos to all who contribute to this story which must be visually told. Likewise, thank you, thank you. For example, I’m Linda and I’m a ‘Outlander holic’ glad to hear others have been obsessed with Diana’s books and show too. Have study series twice except for MOBY and will explore it once again on vacation. Far have watched episode one twice and think it was superb.

I am savoring series tremendously.

It’s wonderful that books that have probably been so real in my imagination are being got to health on short screen.

Any adaptation will have tiny alterations from original work. Although, Harry Potter they picture in my mind when I’m explore book is somewhat unusual than Daniel Radcliffe just as I imagine Jamie and Claire differently when I’m understanding. For instance, I think Sam and Caitriona have probably been doing an awesome job and will solely refine as time goes by. I’m pretty sure Sam could speak Gaelic, merely or Russian study positions from phone book and we could sit and watch him all day. Whenever explaining if anyone was watching Outlander premier, I have a blog put out a little blurb on one of my posts. Can’t get movie simply yet, you can’t believe guys and gals number who have responded, some who books see. That said, some who aren’t familiar with Outlander, and when I send some info, thence email me back for more data. I think movie is will be as vast a hit as books are, and I’m so thrilled to be able to share this series with newbies!