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Caitriona Animals & Animales – Happy Birthday

ANIMALS & ANIMALES - A video happy birthday card with your name & a personalized birthday song from tiger, elephant, giraffes, gorilla, rabbit, crab; brown bear, polar bear, golden headed lion tamarin, camel, meercats, leopard, chimpanzee, deer, frog, burro, zebra, penguins, raccoon, rhinoceros, panda, spotted blue discus,ringed tail monkey, anteater, koala. sea turtle, hedgehog, mountain

“Violent Islamist Groups: Cultural demography and emerging threats” Ms. Caitriona Dowd

Recorded 12 June 2013. This research explores how cultural demography shapes Islamist and Muslim-identified violence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Popular discourse suggests there are links between the size or growth of Muslim populations and the threat or strength of violent Islamist groups, linking these to overall levels of violence, and Islamist and/or Muslim-identified violence specifically. This