YOUNG ALEXANDER, follows the life, adventures and loves of the young man who was to become the greatest general the world has ever known.

“YOUNG ALEXANDER” is set in the third century B.C. Alexander is sixteen years old. At this time, Macedonia is already emerging as the regions dominant power, as King Philip’s armies challenge the old alliance of the established Greek City-States.

The film ranges from action adventure to romance and comedy.
The coming of age of young Alexander, future world conqueror, from his boyhood in Greece to his assumption of Regent of the Land, after proving his worth to his father, the demanding King Phillip.

Director: Jalal Merhi
Writers: Daniel Skinner (screenplay), Renton Skinner
Stars: Sam Heughan, Lauren Cohan and Christopher Cazenove
Ilya Salkind producer
Jeffrey Taylor producer
Kent Walwin executive producer